Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Campus Lawyers’—and Presidents’—Resource

Some web resources merit daily review. Other sites can divert you for a few minutes and are never seen again. But for me, only a few websites deserve repeated, non-regular review.

Catholic University’s Office of the General Counsel and its Campus Legal Information Clearinghouse (CLIC) is one of those latter places. The site is a joint venture with the American Council on Education. CLIC is designed to provide useful and timely information about topics of interest to university lawyers, but does so in a way that can appeal to non-lawyers interested in higher education law and regulation. In addition, with each topical section, there are further links to laws, publications, and other on-line resources. There is also a news-feed on the main page to recent items of interest.

A few of the new items that piqued my interest recently included the link to the summary of the law on sharing information concerning students where there is perceived risk of danger to self or others. The piece is an appendix to a report by a University of North Carolina Safety Task Force in November. I also enjoyed reviewing a relatively recent case on the intersection of tenure and discrimination (in CLIC’s Employment section), and the link to the NAFSA summary of last week’s regulations from the U.S. Department of State on changes to the Exchange Visitor Program.

—C. Todd Jones