Monday, April 7, 2008

Strategic Plan Roundup II

Since the release of the Chancellor’s Strategic Plan for the University System of Ohio, and our strategic plan roundup, news articles have slowed to a trickle:
As might be expected, the editorial reactions were published in the days following the plan, but were thinner in number than news pieces following the Dispatch editorial that we noted in our first roundup:
  • Last Tuesday, the Akron Beacon-Journal called the plan “ambitious” but not “breathtaking.” The next day, ABJ editorial writer Steve Hoffman called the plan “a big win for those who believe the first priority should be to prime the economic pump with highly educated workers and cutting-edge research labs.”
  • On Thursday, the Newark Advocate, hometown paper of Ohio Board of Regents (OBR) Chairwoman Donna Alvarado, became the sole paper that we have seen editorialize on the strategic plan’s companion report from OBR on the condition of Ohio higher education. The piece was repeated today in the Mansfield News Journal.
  • Yesterday, the Hamilton Journal-News editorial board said that it looks forward to discussing the issues raised in the report.
  • The News-Herald also editorialized on Sunday by supporting the plan, particularly its focus on adult learners.
— C. Todd Jones