Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Strategic Plan Roundup

Yesterday, Chancellor Eric Fingerhut released "The Strategic Plan for Higher Education: 2008-2017." Also released yesterday from the Ohio Board of Regents was the "Report on the Condition of Higher Education in Ohio: Meeting the State’s Future Needs." The plan offered more than simply plans for the public system, however, with a significant section on independent colleges as well. Independent colleges certainly appreciated the chancellor's recognition of the role of independent colleges, and look forward to working with him on the state's efforts to utilize all of the state's higher education infrastructure.

The report received widespread play in our state's newspapers and other media. Here's a roundup:

Janet Okoben reviewed the plan in The Cleveland Plain Dealer, emphasizing that the purpose of the plan is to build a system, drive down costs and encourage more Ohioans to pursue college degrees.

Encarnacion Pyle and Jennifer Smith Richards had a lengthy piece in The Columbus Dispatch that noted the chancellor’s plans “wants to force tuition down, bring college closer to students, trim duplicate programs and make sure good jobs – and qualified workers – exist to keep graduates and employers in the state.” The editorial board focused on the state’s kickoff this summer of a pilot program that will allow students to obtain certifications that will count toward a college degree, making the prospect of attaining a college degree much less daunting.

Other articles from Ohio newspapers covering the plan’s release:

The Enquirer
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Stacey Dorr