Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meet Acting Attorney General Tom Winters

With the resignation of Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann, Ohio has a new attorney general until a replacement is formally appointed by the governor. That man, Tom Winters, is well known to AICUO and independent colleges. Serving until yesterday as Dann’s first assistant attorney general, Mr. Winters is a graduate of two member institutions. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Ohio Dominican University and a law degree from Capital University.

He also had the distinct pleasure of serving as the independent college representative to the Ohio Board of Regents’ Higher Education Funding Commission (HEFC) in 2003 and 2005. (That HEFC should not be confused with the other HEFC, the Higher Education Facility Commission, or the completely separate Higher Education Funding Study Council (HEFSC).)

As the only independent college voice at a table with three dozen others who primarily represented public colleges, his role was akin to that of Jeanette Rankin in 1917, albeit with stakes that were far, far lower. For his willingness to stand in front of a preordained bureaucratic process and to say for the record that Ohio deserves better higher education policies that focus on students needs and success, AICUO will always be thankful.

—C. Todd Jones