Friday, October 3, 2008

McCain/Palin Ticket Visited Capital University

On September 28th AICUO was informed that the McCain/Palin ticket was planning to visit Capital University the next day. We knew they were interested in a Central Ohio location, but weren't sure where they would end up with all the options available to them.

Monday, C. Todd Jones (President) and Dustin Holfinger (Dir. of Govt Relations) were invited by a Capital University faculty member to attend the rally and sit behind the podium in the risers.

The atmosphere was lively even on a cool fall morning in Bexley and the protestors were really at a minimum compared to previously attended rallies for presidential candidates. The line to get in the facility wrapped up and around and over to the next road - but the wait was a mere 45 minutes. Once inside the crowd was electric, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Republican ticket. Speaker of the House, Jon Husted (R - Kettering) was the MC for the day, often reminding the anxious crowd that "they are on their way..."

All in all, the event seemed to be a success for the Republican cadidates and Capital University. The facility was perfect for the event, the entry process was seamless and organized. A simple example of how quickly an independent college can get things together to impress on a national level.

on behalf of the AICUO, I'd like to thank Capital for hosting this event and the presidential candidates from both sides for choosing our institutions to host their rallies in Ohio.

- Dustin A. Holfinger