Monday, October 20, 2008

Swing State Blues (and Reds)

Being in a swing state in this presidential election has its disadvantages — like the endless barrage of increasingly nega ... uh, comparative advertisements — but also one big advantage: we get to see the candidates in the flesh. You could almost call a visit to an independent campus a routine matter — yesterday Sen. John McCain, the Republican nominee, held a rally at the Otterbein College campus in Westerville just a few weeks after he came to the Capital University campus in Bexley.

But we have a unique perspective on another campaign visit to Columbus. On October 10, Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee, held a rally at a park in downtown Columbus that is a clear sight from the association’s offices in the Huntington Center. Yes, he was far away, but so were we, as you can see from the news photo looking back at the candidate — and showing the windows of our office in the background.

— Bob Burke