Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Legislators and Presidents Chat Over Breakfast

AICUO held its Legislative Breakfast today to bring Ohio's independent college presidents and legislators together for an informal meet and greet prior to the AICUO/OFIC Spring Meeting. The event was held in the Statehouse Crypt and was well attended by both groups.

Legislators were able to ask questions of their local college presidents regarding their opinion on the as-introduced budget, specifically OCOG, as well as answer any questions the presidents had on local and state issues.

Although the event kicked off at 7:45 am, many were engaged and welcomed the informal group setting, I presume the bountiful coffee and fruit had something to do with that.

After the event, presidents walked to the Westin for the AICUO Spring Meeting to discuss more AICUO issues in depth and hear from the newly-appointed OBR Chancellor, Jim Petro, over lunch.