Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sign On! Help Save Federal Student Aid.

Today, I blog to ask for your support in speaking out to legislators on the importance of federal student aid to our nation’s students. The “Save Student Aid” campaign by the Student Aid Alliance has launched multiple efforts across all sectors of higher education to inform members of both political parties on the role federal student aid plays in our economy at this challenging time.

Over the past two weeks, more than 58,000 members of our campus communities, along with other concerned citizens, have signed the Alliance’s Statement of Support. The vast majority of these sign-ons have come from private, non-profit colleges. Here are some of the statistics as of last week:

· There are 73 colleges that have been identified with more than 100 signers

· Loyola Chicago is in first place with 3,320 signatures

· Loyola Marymount is in second place with 1,859 signatures

· Towson University, the only four-year public in the top 20, is in third place with 1,823.

If you haven’t yet engaged your friends and colleagues in the “Save Student Aid” effort, please do so today.

As idea starters, NAICU has gathered a sampling of what other institutions have been doing. The Super Committee is working against a November 23 deadline for its budget recommendations, so there is a limited window of opportunity for us to influence the debate. To receive updates, follow the Student Aid Alliance's campaign on Twitter.