Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sale of Real Property Legislation Receives Hearing in Senate Committee

HB 375, legislation that will add independent colleges to a list of entities with the ability to purchase property from school districts (if community schools deny their first-right-of-refusal), received its first hearing in Senate Education Committee today.  The bill-sponosr, Rep. Jim Butler (R - Oakwood), fielded only one question from the panel - Senator Bill Beagle (R - Tipp City) asked whether the codified list of entities had a pecking order; it does not.   The bill adds no preferential treatment to independent colleges, it merely adds them to the codified list of potential purchasers.

The bill, according to Senate Education Committee Chairman, Senator Peggy Lehner (R - Kettering) will receive a second hearing very soon, in addition to a possible vote.

The bill was recently voted out of the Ohio House by a vote of 77-17 and is expected to pass the Senate with as much ease.