Thursday, June 19, 2014

AICUO Holds First Ever Member Chief Enrollment Officers Meeting

On June 3, over 30 Chief Enrollment Officers of AICUO schools met on the campus of Otterbein University to explore issues they felt they share in common.  Members of the AICUO staff provided short presentations on Policy and government relations issues, on marketing and public relations collaborations, past and present, and on the profile of enrollment related collaborations that are taking place across the US.  

The conversation among the Enrollment Officers was deep and thought-provoking. They explored details on the final legislation covering College Credit Plus (the new PSEO initiative), the role Enrollment Officers can or should take in lobbying their legislators,  communications with the Ohio Board of Regents and other policy issues of concern. 

There was consensus that the group wanted to meet with some regularity. AICUO created a survey of all the topics raised as possible collaborative steps and distributed that to all Chief Enrollment Officers at AICUO schools. That data is now being analyzed.