Friday, September 5, 2014

Your Vote, Your Voice

It is election season again and Your Vote, Your Voice 2014, higher education’s National Campus Voter Registration Project, has officially launched.  Our campuses are full of voting-aged adults that may, or may not, know the proper steps to ensuring their voice is heard.

In 1998 Congress Congress mandated that all colleges and universities make a good-faith effort to distribute voter registration forms to all degree- or certificate-seeking students attending class on campus.  To help our campuses with this effort  the National Campus Voter Registration Project launched Your Vote, Your Voice.

The website,, is the centerpiece of a voter registration campaign that will run until Election Day, November 4, 2014.  This website includes:
  • Registration deadlines by state (First state registration deadlines are Oct. 4)
  • State-by-state links to election offices and regulations
  • Link to the U.S. Vote Foundation’s Voter Registration/Absentee Voter web portal
  • 2014 Project Organization Handbook
  • Customizable campaign poster for use on campus
  • Website widget for your student pages linking to the Voter Registration/Absentee Voter web portal
  • Twitter #yourvote2014
Please share information on Your Vote, Your Voice with your key student, faculty, and administrative leaders.  Then use the website’s resources -- not just to organize a voter registration effort, but as the starting point in establishing your institution as a place for the deliberations, debate, discussion, and participation that are the very heart of a democratic society.